GREY WATER: recycle all vs. limited to re-use

In our daily habits there is more water available than we can re-use.
The spectrum of dimensioning:

  1. The minimum:
    Filtering only what we can re-use – the focus on economic advantage.
  2. The maximum:
    Filtering all grey water – the focus on ecologic advantage.

How to address: Excedent filtered grey water:

  1. Buffer for garden/dry season*
    Storing the Excedent of filtered grey water in the rainwatertank keeps levels higher before and during dry season to use in the garden.
  2. Extensions of use*
    For now the use of Hydraloop’s filtered grey water is limited to toilets, washing machines, gardens*, pools*… Further extension could increase Hydraloop’s impact. The use is being limited by law, habits and safety, keeping in mind the output of Hydraloop is non-potable.

*!!! In Flanders the connection to the rainwatertank and irrigation in the garden is not yet allowed