GREY WATER: stable green source

Grey water is an unexploited easy source.
Easy? Both the stability of volume & quality make Grey water an easy source in comparison to rain or surface water.

  1. Volume of water:
    1. Independent to climate: the sources of grey water are in our daily routines (showers, baths, washing machines, airco…).
    2. Abundance to use: the availability of grey water exceeds the use of it (toilets, washing machines, possibly gardens…)
    3. No extra infrastructure: as both the source and usage of grey water are routed in our daily routines, there is no need to add extra infrastructure such as underground buffering.
  2. Quality:
    1. Stable input = stable output: Input of grey water is high quality drinking water meeting the highest standards.
    2. Predictable light pollution = targeted filtering: Grey water contains light pollution of sediment, soap… Grey water filters are constructed to be efficient in just that.