HYDRALOOP: plumbing setup

Plumbing setup necessities for Hydraloop grey water filter:
Link recycle ready guide (EN / FR / NL)

  • Place:
    • Out of sunlight
    • >14°C
    • 850 W x 600 D x 2050mm H (for H300/600, cascade on demand)
  • Grey water supply inlet
    (on top of the Hydraloop filter, diameter 40/50/75mm, vented):
    • From shower/bath/sink/aircondition
    • Optional: separate Inlet from washing machine (optional, max 1 washing machine)
  • Backup water source
    ​(on bottom of the Hydraloop filter, diameter 1/2″)
    • Filtered rainwater or softened pipewater
  • Filtered water outlet
    (on bottom of the Hydraloop filter, diameter 1/2″):
    • To toilets
    • To washing machines
    • Optional: to garden (connection not yet allowed in Flanders)
  • Sewer
    (on bottom of the Hydraloop filter, diameter 40mm, vented)
  • Electricity
    (on middle of Hydraloop filter, 1000mm long, earthed, 230V)
  • Stable Wifi connection

If applicable:

  • Lift pump:
    In most situations the sources of grey water supply the filter by gravity. In case source of grey water is lower or on same level as Hydraloop filter.
    (1.8-3.3L/sec, diameter 32mm, max 4 bar)
  • Pressure pump:
    Hydraloop has an internal pressure pump able to provide 2.2-2.5 bar, enough to lift filtered water by 7m. If more is needed, a pressure pump is necessary.