HYDRALOOP: sources

Hydraloops is engineered to support the following water sources which cover the same type of pollution:

  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Airconditioning condensed water
  • Heath pump condensed water
  • Washing machine (optional)

100% of the above water is can be treated by Hydraloop, with the exception for the washing machine which is recovered by 50%.

Optional: connecting the washing machine is optional, it requires a seperate inlet and can only be used for 1 machine. The reason for this is that the first 2 out of 4 washing machine sequences are heavy polluted and considered as black water. By having the Hydraloop washing machine option and using a separate inlet, Hydraloop recognizes the first 2 sequences and directs them to the sewer.

Recovery: Hydraloop recovers 89-94% of water which initially entered the filter.

Other sources, such as Kitchenwater are not standard allowed, since the consistency is different (grease…).