The concept of grey water & grey water filters is not new.
In contrast to the watersavings: the comfort, economics & autonomy are an issue.

Hydraloop (patented) is a designed technology to intelligently tackle these existing issues.

  1. Comfort & autonomy:
    1. Autonomous: In contract to other grey water filters, Hydraloop is Autonomous.
      Hydraloop does not need extra products.
      Hydraloop does not need a 1-3 monthly change/maintenance of its filters.
    2. Compact: In contrast to other grey water filters, Hydraloop is compact and well designed, needing less than 0.5m² of surface.
    3. Low noise: max 44db = the same level as a dishwasher
    4. Unaltered water-experience: transparent, o
  2. Economics:
    1. CAPEX: as the availability of grey water and its usage are well-balanced, no buffer-reservoirs and extra pumps are needed (such as the case for rainwatertanks). Furthermore Hydraloop is complete, having storage, filtering, distribution and pressure all in the same system.
    2. OPEX: a traditional grey water system needs cleaning and replacement of filters every 1-3 months. With Hydraloop this is not the case. Furthermore, Hydraloop consumes little energy 0.54kwh/day for the small system and passively saves energy since the warmth of the water remains in house (radiation of the system + warm water in toilets + washing machine saves heating energy).