To treat the water in your household, we make a split between point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) products. POU ensure the protection of all appliances and sanitary applications that are connected to one particular major water line. With POE, you choose a specific water treatment at 1 particular point in your home. POU and POE solutions can be perfectly combined with each other. Select below the solution you are looking for. In a few simple steps, we will show you the way.
Protecting the entire water supply that runs throughout the house
(POE – Point Of Entry Solutions)

Thanks to a well-installed POE solution, you can eliminate problems such as limescale, bacterial growth, pipe blockages, etc. Thanks to a Point Of Use product you enjoy perfect water for all your household appliances. Looking for a solution to your problem? Go through our simple steps and find the solution that suits you best! POE-solutions can always be combined with a POU product.
Type of water:

  • ​​City Water
  • Well Water
  • ​Rain Water

Desired situation:

  • No more lime scale (Softener – City Water)
  • Saving energy (Softener – City Water)
  • No more sediment (Prefilter Softener – City Water)
  • No more smell (Softener – City Water – Prefilter – City Water & Water) 
  • Desinfected water (UV – City Water & Rain Water)

Treating the water for one specific faucet or device
(POU – Point Of Use Solutions)

Point Of Use products treat water for a single point, appliance or tap.  Examples are a drinking water tap, a coffee machine, an ice maker, etc. It always concerns small volumes and usually a specific problem concerning taste, smell or components that you want to remedy. POU products can also take care of the enrichment of your water such as CO2 for sparkling water or heating for boiling water.  How can we make your water better? Use our simple guide to your perfect water
Types of water?

  • Sparkling Water
  • Boiling Water
  • Filtered Water
  • Softened Water

Desired solution:

  • Chilled Drinking Water (Drinkwater devices)
  • Boiling Water (Drinkwater devices)
  • Sparkling Water (Drinkwater devices)
  • Removal of arsenic (Green Profine Filter)
  • Dechlorination and purification of drinking water (Blue Profine Filter)
  • Ultrafiltration of drinking water (Gold)
  • Total deminiralization (Yellow)
  • Nitrates (Removal of nitrates in drinking water)
  • Water Softening with strong cationicresin (Ocra)
  • ​Pretreatment for waste water system (Red)
  • Decarboniaton with weak carboxilic cationic resin (Violet)
  • Antibacterial, dechlorination and purification of drinking water (Silver)