WATERLOOP: smart connected components

At Waterloop, our components are smart interlinked with each other and its sources to increase watersavings, quality, comfort & reliability.

Waterloop’s components:

  • Hydraloop: stable source of water, it’s re-use eliminates 40-45% of water consumption and decreases pressure on rainwater availability. This leaves more volume for increased waterindependence on higher quality purposes.
  • Waterrebel: universal rain- and surface water filter able to transform all sources to household water of drinking quality, also serving as back-up source to Hydraloop in case of out of the ordinary consumption. This system double uses the rainwaterpump and reservoir. This system eliminates the need for a separate boiler having drinking water quality and eliminates industrial impurities found in tapwater (such as Pfas/Pfos).
  • HSP softener: New-age softener, using >40% less salt/water/electricity. We adapted the steering of this valve to save water from some of its rinsing sequences, linking it to Hydraloop. The softening itself prolongs lifetime and efficiency of the components, the piping, the boiler…